Presidents Corner

Welcome to the C.P. Riders Snowmobile Club web-site. We hope you find it informative and helpful. If you are planning to take a ride in the Cross Plains area I hope you enjoy our scenic trails and take the time to visit our sponsor’s places of business. Our trails are groomed weekly (conditions permitting) with 1 Tucker and 1 John Deere Tractor. Please respect our landowners by staying on the marked trails. We have a lot of farm fields in this area and it only takes one snowmobile cutting across an alfalfa field to shut down the entire trail. Be safe, have fun, join a club and stay on the trail. Rob Frye – President C.P. Riders


CP Riders Snowmobile club maintains over 50 miles of trails from Black Earth to Middleton and Springfield Corners to Pine Bluff. About 15 miles of this is called “Funded Trail”. That means that State funds help maintain that portion of the trail. The money from the state is generated mostly from snowmobile registration fees.


Maps are available at various sponsor locations along the trail. This year we had to print more maps and are asking for a donation to help pay for printing costs. Please donate generously.

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