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  • Trails:
  • CP Riders Snowmobile club maintains over 50 miles of trails from Black Earth to Middleton and Springfield Corners to Pine Bluff. About 15 miles of this is called “Funded Trail”. That means that State funds help maintain that portion of the trail. The money from the state is generated mostly from snowmobile registration fees.

    The rest is called “Club trail”, which are strictly funded by us. The costs involved to maintain trails include signs, grooming equipment, fuel, landowner payments for damage, office expenses, tool expenses and more. The man hours are donated by club members. Please respect the land, because most of it is private property. Without our landowners allowing us to ride across their property, we would have no trail.

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  • Maps:
  • Maps are available at various sponsor locations along the trail. This year we had to print more maps and are asking for a donation to help pay for printing costs. Please donate generously.

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