Renew / Join the Club

Membership: There are 2 ways to join the club!

  1. Complete the online form (below) OR
  2. Print out the pdf (below) then email it to Kristi ( or snail mail it.
Payment options:
  • Preferred method – pay now using PayPal (buttons are below)
  • Pay with cash – bring your payment to a meeting
  • Mail a check – this will take much longer to process your membership!

If you are looking for trail pass information, click here!

NOTE: the 2019 / 2020 season started on July 1, 2019.

If you have not renewed your membership since that date, you are not an active member.
This means you will not be able to get the discounted trail passes until you renew your membership.
Memberships no longer run 365 days from the date that you joined, this change was made by AWSC.

Complete your payment via paypal below:

Club member ​
(one time payment)
$31.50 ($30 plus $1.50 convenience fee)

​​Secondary membership
(one time payment)
$16 ($15 plus $1 convenience fee)

​​We also offer a yearly renewal! ​Every year around the same date we will bill you for your dues, no more having to remember to come back and pay or mail a check!(set it and forget it)

​​Club member
(auto bill payment / yearly)
$31.50 ($30 plus $1.50 convenience fee)

Secondary membership
(auto bill payment / yearly)
$16 ($15 plus $1 convenience fee)